Medical and Scientific Clients

Mr. Laramie provided medical illustration consultation from start to finish for a publication of mine. He was terrific to work with, very creative, and contributed a great deal to the final design of the illustrations we used. His final product was something I was very proud to have in our publication. I certainly plan on using him again in the future.
— Michael Conlin, Associate Professor of Urology at Portland VA Medical Center

Medical Leverage

Kindle Communications


Beekley Medical

Knight Cancer Institute

The Allen Institute for Brain Science

Harvard Health Publications

Dartmouth Medical School

Boston Medical Center


Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)
* Preferred vendor at OHSU

University of Washington (UW) Medicine

USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

Portland VA Medical Center 

Interact Medical

Legacy Health System

Analgesic Solutions

MyRAQA, Inc.

Legal Clients

“Jason Rocks!

His work product as well as his approach to the project are just superb.

Skilled, responsive, creative, not a prima donna, a listener.  Can’t ask for anything more. I look forward to working with him again.”

–Steve Sitcov, Injury Trials & Settlements


Lyndsay Hart, LLP

Whitehurst, Harkness, Brees, Cheng, Alsaffar & Higginbotham PLLC

Hart Wagner, LLP

Sokol & Foster, P.C.

Bottini & Bottini, P.C.


Graphic Identity and Concept Clients

I am finding that one of the most important features of sourcing concept drawings is really identifying with the artist and having the confidence that the artist really visualizes what you are looking for. Jason really hit the mark perfectly so I am excited to know that we are on the same page of visualizing what the final product looks like. I think that’s important when developing these types of graphics, especially with very little back and forth changes!
— Michael Boh, Cascade Designs Military Division

The Spark Tank


Columbia Sportswear Company

Cascade Designs Inc.


Additional Feedback from My Clients

Jason is able to communicate complex medical and scientific concepts to learners instantly by creating illustrations and schema that are both easy to understand and medically accurate. In my 20 years creating pharmaceutical sales training, some of the most successful educational pieces for sales people have included Jason’s illustrations. To create illustrations that both pass the rigor of big pharma’s medical-regulatory-legal review team and make complex anatomy and pathophysiology accessible to non-medically trained learners is one of Jason’s superpowers. He is also able to successfully execute a wide range of illustration styles—from illustrations of the tiny, intricate blood vessels of the retina that look like fine art, to cartooning and infographics. Jason communicates clearly with his clients, is quick to understand their needs and recommend the appropriate visuals, and collaborates efficiently even when clients aren’t sure what they want.
— Ann Hill, Senior Medical Writer & Instructional Designer, Kindle Communications
I hired Jason to prepare medical illustrations for use in medical negligence lawsuit. Jason was easy to work with, paid attention to detail and created a superior work product that was helpful in conveying certain intricate anatomic details.
— Kennedy Luvai, attorney at Lindsay Hart
Jason is quick to get in tune with what I’m thinking. With science education, there’s often a range between needing illustrations that are playful, funny, informative or serious. Jason is able to quickly grasp the illustration needs for our different audiences, from conveying cutting-edge research like epigenetic mechanisms to creatiing playful versions of what coronary artery disease would look like if it were a waterslide in an amusement park. Jason can do it all. He’s also a great example for our students when we describe careers in biomedical science. Often students think you have to be a researcher in a white coat, but that’s not the case at all. Jason’s ability to illustrate complex anatomical and biomedical processes are the inspiration that a lot of our students need to see themselves in science careers. I love that.
— Lisa Marriott, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Public Health & Preventive Medicine Associate Director, Let's Get Healthy!
Collaborating with Jason is a joy and his creative and fresh ideas will breathe life into your project! I look forward to the next opportunity to work with him!
— Jennifer Even Melton, Medical/Technical Writer, Editor, Instructional Designer
I’ve known Jason for almost 20 years. He’s a talented medical illustrator and a true professional. He can translate concepts given to him verbally into stellar illustrations. I recommend him highly.
— Kevin Flynn, Director, Scientific Communications, Analgesic Solutions
The medical illustration work for my medical malpractice case was well done, timely and very helpful in explaining a complex surgical complication to the jury. Even with a previously planned vacation out of the country, Jason made arrangements for competent local help to get the work delivered to me so I could use it in my preparation with my client and experts.
— Rick Kuhn, Hart Wagner Trial Attorneys
Did an absolutely outstanding job on the medical illustrations. Attention to detail.
— Siamak Daneshmand, Associate Professor of Urology, Director of Urologic Oncology at University of Southern California
Jason has played a key role in our company from the beginning. He didn’t just design us a logo, he helped us discover who we wanted to be. To say that Jason has helped us grow is a great understatement. Quite literally, he helped design our success.
— Dylan Reinhardt, Chief Operations Officer, Myraqa, Inc.
I have worked with Jason on two quite different projects at this point. In both, he has been a delight to work with. He has brought his creative skills to bear on developing a visual presence and a message for biomedical research center and a public health campaign, respectively. It is not always easy to get people to consensus on design but it is even more difficult when these people are scientists. Jason has demonstrated great patience in the brainstorming and revising aspects of our projects in a fashion that makes me want to work with him again. The completed projects have always got the approval of all stakeholders - once again, not always an easy result to achieve.
— William E. Cameron, Ph.D.. Department of Behavioral Neuroscience at Oregon Health & Science University
Jason’s listening skills were one thing that set him apart from other designers we’ve worked with. He was able to “get” what we were after even when we sometimes hadn’t figured it out ourselves. We ended up with an image that made everyone in our group happy.
— Ruth Rowland, Methamphetamine Abuse Research Center at Oregon Health & Science University
I have worked with Jason on numerous illustration projects over the past fifteen years. Prior to starting any project, he takes the time to understand the goals of the illustration. The work has always been completed in a timely manner, and the quality of the illustrations is unparalleled.
— Shanker Nesathurai, MD of Rehabilitation Medicine in Boston, MA
Jason’s creativity essentially gave an identity to our In-A-Box curriculum series. He created a pair of adventuring youth who investigate the areas of the body so that young students can relate to the images. Without his artistic (and scientifically accurate) abilities, our series of boxes would have no identity. I recommend Jason regularly to anyone who needs an artist!
— Shera Hunn Felde, Education Director at Oregon AHEC
We have worked with Laramie Studio for ten plus years. Jason always offers a creative perspective with his illustration work. I enjoy seeing his concepts take shape. He listens to our needs, offers a few creative suggestions, and creates quality imagery every time.
— David Waag, Editor at Off Piste Mag
I have hired Jason several times on projects, and he is always a tremendous asset on every project. He adds a great depth of understanding of subject matter as well as a keen sense of style, composition and color. He has the wonderful ability to combine his traditional art background with human anatomy training and a mastery of digital techniques, and the results are truly outstanding!
— Joe Myers, Sketchbook Inc.